HM Series Residential Energy Storage System
The ESY SUNHOME HM series intelligent residential energy storage system integrates an inverter, battery, and Internet connectivity. It seamlessly connects to the power grid, photovoltaic panels, and mobile devices. This innovative system delivers reliable electricity to households, small businesses, and farms. Users have the flexibility to switch between various operational modes including normal, off-grid, economic, emergency, and intelligent modes. Additionally, the system can be controlled manually or via Artificial Intelligence (AI), adapting to factors such as grid conditions, load, electricity pricing, energy storage levels, and weather conditions.
Exceptional Waterproof and Dustproof Performance
Our system excels with an outstanding IP66 rating, a certification reserved for only the top-tier manufacturers. Demonstrating unparalleled prowess in both waterproofing and dustproofing, this remarkable feature acts as an impervious shield, fortifying the system against the most challenging environmental conditions. Regardless of heavy rain, dusty environments, or extreme elements, our technology ensures unwavering stability and reliability, offering peace of mind and optimal performance in any scenario.
Effortless Installation
Designed with a stackable configuration, installation is a breeze, requiring no complex procedures. The intuitive design allows for seamless integration, and what's more, our system is engineered to effortlessly accommodate multiple battery expansions, giving you the flexibility to scale your energy storage needs as you grow. Experience the ultimate in convenience and scalability with our innovative and user-friendly HM-Series.

Scalable Energy Capacity
Experience the power of choice with HM Series' Expandable Capacity. Choose from 5kWh to 30kWh batteries, ideal for single-phase residences and small-scale businesses. Customize your energy storage system by selecting the desired number of batteries, providing the flexibility to create your optimal energy solution based on individual preferences.

24-Hour Online Monitoring
The system can be seamlessly overseen and managed in real-time by using our dedicated mobile application, guaranteeing continuous and efficient operation. The system incorporates an intelligent mode, dynamically adapting the power consumption pattern according to individual user habits and environmental variables. This sophisticated adjustment optimizes peak and off-peak electricity utilization, enhancing overall power efficiency and elevating the quality of daily life.

Optimized Energy Expenditure
Leverage intelligent charts to track the latest power generation and revenue, while real-time monitoring of electricity consumption and export data ensures the maximization of efficiency in your home or business's energy utilization.