ESY SUNHOME, rooted in lithium battery technology and propelled by advanced battery protection systems, emerged with a mission to address the global shortage of household energy storage options. Our dedicated team seamlessly integrates photovoltaic energy solutions with lithium batteries, resulting in the successful development and launch of the HM6 series storage system products. With branches in Sydney, Australia, and Munich, Germany, ESY SUNHOME aspires to evolve into a leading global brand.
  • 2004

    Embarking on its startup journey, it ventured into the battery industry.

  • 2007

    Commencing its journey in 2004, the company swiftly grew within the battery industry, diversifying its product line to include laptop batteries, 3C digital devices, power tools, home appliances, and more by 2007. The rapid expansion highlights the company's success in the market.

  • 2011

     In 2011, initiating its own Research and Development team, the firm achieved a high level of professionalism in various BMS battery systems. Additionally, it implemented advanced management systems, fostering better and more extensive production capabilities.

  • 2015

    In 2015, significant strides were made as the business invested in the construction of spacious warehouses, bolstering its logistical capabilities. Concurrently, a strategic shift occurred, leading the company to specialize in the comprehensive design and large-scale supply of lithium batteries specifically tailored for household appliances. This nuanced approach marked a pivotal moment, allowing the company to cater to the growing demand for advanced energy solutions in the residential sector.

  • 2018

    In 2018, a noteworthy development transpired with the establishment of LESY, the parent company of ESY SUNHOME. During this period, the company not only continued its large-scale design and supply of lithium batteries for household appliances worldwide but also dedicated efforts to enhance its capabilities in Energy Storage Battery solutions. This marked a pivotal chapter in the company's evolution, positioning it as a key player in both residential energy solutions and global energy storage.

  • 2021

    In 2021, ESY SUNHOME was established, signifying a pivotal moment for the company. The strategic expansion into the PV industry and a dedicated focus on research and development led to the creation of innovative and affordable household energy storage systems. The R&D team experienced significant growth, incorporating professionals and distinguished engineers in the Energy Storage System (ESS) department. Stringent testing processes ensured the reliability of ESS products, while optimizations in manufacturing facilitated increased production scale. This comprehensive approach positioned the company as a dynamic force in the renewable energy sector.

  • 2023

    In 2023, a momentous year unfolded as the company unveiled the revolutionary HM6 series storage system products in January, setting a new standard in innovation.

    Demonstrating a commitment to global expansion, it strategically established a European branch in Munich, Germany, and an Australian branch in Sydney. These ventures not only fortified international presence but also showcased dedication to providing advanced storage solutions on a worldwide scale.

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